The company "Boniek" has been on the market from 2000. It run a business as a small producer of outside roller blinds and split garage gateways. The founder of that company is Mr Krzysztof Boniek. From the very beginning the company has lively developed putting newer and newer technologies related to the production. A very small workshop has developed into resilient company what makes to open windows and wooden doors line production. Today's condition of the company allows to realize diverse investments in our country and in the foreign countries satisfying our big investors and individual customers. Going out to meet target demands our offer has been widen of many products. Furthermore, we are also distributor of window's PCV woodwork what makes us full service of woodwork construction. Many years of experience, qualified labor, high quality and esthetics our goods, competitive price-are our trumps which make good position in the market and achieve our customer's trust.