Sectional Gates

In our offer you can find garage gateways, industrial and instrumentations. The sectional garage gateways are actually the technical and a esthetic standard. In order to make the best partnership with our customers we make calculation, measurements and installation.

Filling of gates are made with panels with 500 and 510 mm high. The high of segments depend on the high of the gate. Panels are 40 mm thick are filled with polyurethane foam, are made with steel galvanized sheet wit the structure "cut cedar", on the customer's wish with the structure similar to wood, pressure in the coffer or transversal strips. The panels are covered with polyester colours and protected by fitting from galvanized sheet metal. The gate has protection in the form of gaskets, permeability of the warmth for the whole gate is K=1,1. The panels have got shaped protection preventing from jamming fingers and gaskets in the place where two panels adjoin to each other.