Profile 4 chambers

IDEAL 2000

The system with 60 mm width, inside sealing, 3-4 chamber system

Universal solutions, the variety of variants


The system with 60 mm width ,inside sealing , 3-4 chamber system. The system ideal 2000-classic is still very popular. The stiffness of profiles allow to make and correct working of the windows with different shapes and functions. The highest quality and galvanized steel strengthening guarantee durability in system ideal 2000. The system of double sealing where cling gaskets are used and made from material resistant to atmospheric factors and using suitable shaft packet guarantee effective thermal and acoustic insulation. The narrow, visible surfaces, special rounding are inclined 15º angle to plane giving the windows elegant and classic appearance. The system ideal 200 can be used in every type of the building. It has got many versions of the system compositions in slide relation to each other surfaces of sash and casing (not facing version), with external surface laying in half thickness of rabbet's casing (half facing version) and laying in the one plane in exterior surfaces of the sash and casing. (facing version). They can be easily used in the antique building and in the single-family home, avant-garde office building or in the urban buildings. The usage of stylized profiles and decorative battens gives the opportunity to get complete artistic coherence of the windows with façade of the building and its interior. The round line version devoid of verges and angles, with rounded frames, sashes and batten shaft gives the opportunity to create windows fulfilling not functional demands but also satisfying the most sophisticated tastes.