Profile 5 chambers

IDEAL 4000

5 chamber system with 70 mm development depth, inside sealing

Freedom of choice


The system with 70 mm width, inside sealing and 5 chamber system. System ideal 4000 is the new generation of profiles which nowadays fulfilling the demands of the windows in the future. They have the most modern technique with the highest comfort of living. The strong construction of the profiles 70 mm width and big chambers in the steel reinforcement guarantee the optimum static parameters and enable the realization of windows with big limiting outline. The 5 chamber building provides the high thermal and acoustic insulation. The original and harmonious pattern-designing connected with variety of systems solutions gives unlimited opportunities creating of windows and highlighting the own style. The classic, elegant lines in slender profiles with expressive outlines not facing version is the guarantee of timeless elegance. The series round-line is distinguished by the delicate optics and gentle roundness and for the people looking for the unique opportunities creation of own windows.


Thanks to the rounding curves the windows have very attractive appearance and perfectly fit to the modern interior. The variety types of battens shaft enable for additional stylization of the window and adjustment to the character of the interior. System ideal 4000 is universal in its application to modern architecture of one or multi-family buildings or in case of renovation. In second case where we cannot enlarge the window opening the particular advantage is reduced height of the frame and sash which increases the plane of window and enables to let in more light.