Wooden windows

Why do we choose wood:

  • wood is a pure nature; diversity of wood types keep a promise in designing interior,
  • wood has nice temperature of a surface and it feels nice to the touch,
  • wooden windows do not charge electrostatic,
  • because of variuos forms of wooden windows, we can random shape facedes of bulidings,
  • wood desiganted to production of windows is very unaffected by temperature and shape changes,
  • wooden windows are particularly recommended to the house with the low-energy consumption for the reason of low factor heat penetrating,
  • wooden windows can be repaired and easily equipped in additional accessories and farrule in case of damage,
  • when we take care of them properly wooden windows are goods with long life span.



Perfect quality and resistance to windows distort made in system IV 68 provide wood which is solid, plywood and tristratified dried to suitable moistness. Additionally, the life span of woodwork is extended by proofing and consolidation. The wide variety of colours (all spectrum of colours Ral) and azures with good structure wood visibility allow to meet expectations even the most demanding customers. All painting coats are environment-friendly.

Conservation of woodwork is very easy and it lasts less then its cleaning.


Characteristic features


  • Wooden windows characterize by durability and they are not influenced by deformations and cracks,
  • They are made from natural raw materials,
  • They have very good thermalinsulating parameters,
  • They have low factor heat conduction,
  • They characterize elegant appearance.